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Dr Yvon Gagnon
The key role of the Family Physician is to provide continuous primary care to individual patients and their family members. The Physician helps to coordinate the patient's care and helps them navigate through the health care system. Family Physicians have expert knowledge about the health care system, health promotion and health maintenance.

Nicole Rob
RN's are an important part of changing both the health care system and the way people think about health care. With a focus on preventing illness and promoting health, they will look at the best ways to manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The role of the RN includes health promotion activities such as immunization and early detection and integrated cancer screening. RN's paired with the Family Health Team provide care that is more accessible and comprehensive, while giving patients the opportunity to be more involved in making decisions about their own health.
Elaine Marshall & Erin Lindsay
The Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse with additional education for advanced nursing practice in the provision of primary health care to individuals, families and communities. NPs have advanced knowledge and decision making skills in health assessment, diagnosis, medications, health care management and community development. They work collaboratively with Family Physicians in the total care of patients in a primary care setting.

Mary Corbett
The practice of social service work involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of an individual's interpersonal and societal problems. social service workers provide the psychosocial perspective to complement the medical perspective. The social service worker can provide individual counselling, linkages to other community resources, education on mental health issues and advocacy.
Life Labs 
Our site offers regular lab days to accommodate our patients who may need blood work , EKG, or blood pressures checks. These days are usually Tuesday & Thursday mornings.
Our Team
Jessica Perkins/Jessica Kondra
Medical Receptionists
The first face you see when entering the clinic is most likely the receptionist,  these girls do their best to make sure your needs are met and things are scheduled and running smoothly.

Jennifer Loewen
Executive Director
Eileen Gagnon
Clinic Administration

The Family Health Team

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